Friday, September 19, 2008

Spice of the week: Nutmeg

Only buy and use whole nutmegs. I've turned away dozens, if not hundreds, of customers who insist on buying nutmeg already ground. I wont sell it. While I will sell other spices ground, that I would rather have people grind fresh, nutmeg is so fuckin' easy to grind and is so much better freshly ground that it makes zero sense to use it any other way. Even if you needed a cup full for a hundred pies, it would only take you a few minutes to grate it. Use it in your pies and other sweets, use it in your white sauces, but don't ignore it when it comes to everyday savory dishes. I'll be using it on all of the wonderful local cauliflower I'll be eating this fall.


Jerry said...

oh yeah, baby, use that fresh nutmeg in your eggnog! cheers!!!

Ben said...

I forget where I first found out that fresh and ground nutmeg were so different, but since then I've never used ground, which is pretty sawdust-like in comparison. And the whole nutmegs stay good for eons.

I'll have to try it on cauliflower sometime. Cauliflower has so little flavor on its own that I generally just like it curried, but nutmeg sounds good on it.