Thursday, April 30, 2009

A couple of new books you should own

I know, I know. I've been slackin' on posting again. I'm very busy this time of year trying to pull the market together for another season. I do have a couple of things worth posting that I hope to get to soon. Here's a hint.

I do want to mention o a couple of new books I'm excited about.

The first one is Ruhlman's new book, "Ratio". I can put him at the top of the list of people I can blame my ever increasing cooking obsession on. He's the reason I make all of the bacon I eat from scratch and now he's responsible for my recent bread-making compulsion. I have tried many times to make even a passable loaf of homemade bread but after reading the first chapter of Ratio, I made some pretty nice baguettes. The next day I went out and bought a 50# bag of flour and haven't stopped baking since, with very good results. This book belongs in everyone's often neglected reference section of their recipe book collection along side Ruhlmans "Elements of cooking", Ruhlman's "Charcuterie", McGee's "On food and cooking", Corriher's "CookWise" ect.

The other book I'm looking forward to picking up is the latest version of Cleveland Ethnic Eats. I first ran into this book in the late "90's at a time when the wife and I were searching every corner of Cleveland looking for the unusual ingredients we needed to fuel our new found passion for ethnic cooking. It rode around in the car with us for years and not only helped us find ingredients, but also to find the ethnic restaurants and festivals that were our inspiration. These little stores eventually became the first suppliers for a spice stand that I started at an old farmers market in my neighborhood which lead to my rewarding (although not financially so) career as a part time spice vendor and full time volunteer at the Coit Rd. Farmers Market. If you live, or spend any time, in or around Cleveland, (and require the consumption of food for your survival) you should own this book.


Edsel L said...

Both of these are great books.

I haven't picked up the latest Ethnic Eats yet, but the previous ones I have are full of useful information.

I love how passionate Ruhlman is about cooking. Ratio has me wanting to make pâte à choux and popovers. Could prove to be fattening...


The one thing I always been able to do well is pate a choux. (How the hell do you get the correct little symbols over the letters?) They make great savory apps. filled with pulled pork or a roasted poblano/goat cheese mixture or just about anything else.

OhioMom said...

I will check these out from our local library, thanks :)

Michael Walsh said...

i really enjoyed Cleveland Ethnic Eats. It's my go to book when we can't decide on where to go for dinner. And it's always nice to know a little something about a place you've never been to before.