Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I've been tagged

Since I don't believe in following rules I thought I would take this opportunity to list a few of my food related pet peeves.

It pisses me off when:

-people choose not to eat or drink certain things. Food and drink, like life, is to be experienced. "I don't eat pork", "I don't eat meat", I don't eat salt", "I can't eat that, there is too much fat", "I don't drink", the bullshit never ends. Barring the risk of anaphylactic shock (Minor food allergies can be dealt with by eating a Benadryl before your meal. Just ask my wife), you shouldn't completely exclude things from your diet. Religion?, Silly. Health concerns?, Try moderation. Eat, drink and enjoy and always be willing to try something new.

-people make substitutions that are nothing less than lies. Miracle Whip isn't mayo. Soy isn't meat. Margarine isn't butter. Log Cabin syrup isn't maple syrup. There is no such thing as vegan cheese. I could go on and on. I even ate at a restaurant once that used surimi in their crab salad. If there is no fuckin' crab then it's not crab salad.

-forget that beer is great with food. The world of beer is far more diverse in flavor than the world of wine. I'm not at all saying that either one is better than the other, just that beer has taken an undeserved 'back seat' for way too long. All of those wonderful Maillard reactions, that those of us who cook work so hard to create, go unrepresented in the wine world. Beer has all of the roasted, toasted and sometimes burnt flavors that we crave as well as a whole world of sweet, sour, funky, chocolaty, fruity, bitter and just about any other complimenting or contrasting flavor you could want to match with food.

-assholes buy insipid California strawberries at Costco when local strawberries are in peak season. Eat seasonally, eat locally and when you can't, at least buy quality ingredients at a market where you can taste them. I run a farmers market. I see all kinds of people who want pretty veggies. They will walk past a weird looking heirloom tomato to pick up the perfectly round red one. The prettiest tomato probably isn't the best tasting. And this, at a place where the farmer who grew it would love to give you a taste of their hard work before you buy it. Why taste isn't the most important criteria, for many people, when buying fruits and vegetables, I don't know.

Oh, and since there should be six 'things about me', here is the fifth and last. It's just not me to 'tag' someone, so I will let this tag die right here. This doesn't mean I don't love you ohio mom. Thanks.


OhioMom said...

No, really Kevin don't be shy tell us how you really feel ... LOL!

Anonymous said...

You are too funny! I enjoyed your version of this tag very much. My mom is Ohio mom and she tagged me too. You are truly original! :)

Paul DeLuca said...

"Miracle Whip isn't mayo."

That's all that needs to be said. Great post!

Ben said...

My favorite point here is on beer. Someone was recommending wines to pair with Indian food lately and didn't even consider that Indian beer is often a better accompaniment. Most people have no idea about the range of beer styles available and that it's equally possible to make a poor beer-food pairing as a good one.

I have bought strawberries from Costco, but only when I couldn't find any local ones yet. I actually posted a recipe using these, but, after eventually getting local strawberries from North Union and the Food Co-op, I might reconsider the recipe. Most supermarket strawberries benefit from sitting in sugar to bring out the flavor, but the local strawberries I got were so flavorful on their own that I'd tend towards minimal preparation.