Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Squash blossoms

O.K. This isn't all that unique or creative but it is something that people don't do often enough. I usually end up with some "volunteer" squash vines coming from my compost pile or somewhere in my garden. These rarely produce great squash but they do give a steady supply of blossoms for fryin'. I like them stuffed with cheese or any other tasty filling but I love them simply fried in a light beer batter on their own.

All you need is that last cup or so of that German Hefe beer that I know you brewed after read my post about it and some all-purpose flour. Mix them together to make a "slightly looser than pancake batter" batter. Season it with salt, pepper or anything else you can think of. Dip the blossoms (washed and naughty parts removed, of course) in the batter and fry in some 365+ degree oil in whatever strange cast-iron piece you recently acquired at your local thrift store and need to season. Remove from oil when golden brown and top with your favorite finishing salt.

There you go, stupid-easy and delicious.

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Jerry said...

you can eat that shit?